The kingdom of Morocco is a constitutional monarchy where the King has supreme executive powers.

“H.M. King Mohammed VI has ruled Morocco since the death of his father, King Hassan II, in July 1999. The latest ruler in a long dynastic line of Alawites, Mohammed VI is Morocco’s constitutional monarch and – because of His direct lineage with Prophet Mohammed, the founder of Islam – also serves as His country’s spiritual and moral guide”

The king appoints the prime minister ( Abas el Fassi) and the Supreme Court Judges. There is a two part house of representatives; 2/3 is elected and 1/3 is choosen by an electoral college. More about the newest Prime Minister can be found at

Although the state religion is Islam, the majority of Muslims in Morocco are Sunni. Based on blog entries found at Global Voices, it seems that the country has an ambigious relationship with Islamic Nationalism. Here are some examples.

1) Free Foaud.

2) We’re all Moroccans


Pigs in Fez

3) Islamic Nationalism




Becoming Borrowers

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This blog is a project for a class on globalization, nationalism and Islam.  I will be adding links until May 2008, but please send comments and corrections if I get things wrong…

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